Evangelist Rev.Dr.B.Sudhir Director of Sudhir Ministries and Senior Pastor of Redeemer’s Revival Fellowship, serves the body of Christ with great passion and his wife Regina serves as Co-Pastor along with an outstanding pastoral team, who share Pastor Sudhir’s commitment in seeing people advance in the purpose of God. Dr.Sudhir & Regina, are blessed by three children Grace, Joshua & Jerusha who are growing in the faith and Christian norms.

His 17 years of ministry, include as a crusades, television ministry,conference speaker of youth, women & family, editor of magazine and  Sr.Pastor. By the abundant grace of the Lord, Sudhir Ministry is driven by the mission of Changing lives.

Evangelist Sudhir is committed to clear presentation of God’s word driven by the objective of practical application. He is a man of God, who can leave a truth lodged in the hearts of those who hear him. Everyday TV programs goes with power to the living rooms and touches the families with power of the Holy Spirit. Ministries Bi – monthly magazine entitled Yesaiah Dwara Vimukthi  (REDEMPTION THROUGH JESUS)  present biblical truth with clarity and insight.  Two Sunday services in Redeemer Revival Fellowship is really blessing to hundreds  attendents in their soul, body and mind.

Evangelist Sudhir received his Masters of Divinity  and Doctor of divinity degrees from the reputed  Bible Colleges which has the the affiliation  with Asia Theological Association.