Redeemer’s women’s wing

The word “SHEKINAH” means the “dwelling in divine Presence of the God”. The Shekinah Prayer Group was started in the month of November  2016 with the promise from Ps 68:11 “The Lord speaks; ​​​​​​many, many women spread the good news”.

Women play vital role both in family and in the ministry. Even in the day of Lord Jesus Christ, women helped God’s ministry in many ways and through women only the good news of resurrection of Jesus Christ was known to the world.

We, in this ministry identified the dire need of prayer and building a family life on the word of God. The main teachings in this fellowship are towards the holistic development of Women.

Women gather Every Tuesday  07:00 pm to 08:15 pm to pray in one accord for the revival of the women, for their family and for the ministry. The Lord has shown his abundant grace and answered the prayers offered by women. Every week women testify how the Lord used them and how the unfailing name of Jesus worked miracles in their lives and in their families.


Mrs. Caralene Sandeepa

Mrs. Regina Sudhir

Mr. Sudhir

On 13.9.2018, they organized one day “Women’s Retreat” in Kadapa, Nearly 400 hundreds of women came and richly Revived  and Blessed by the Lord Jesus.

Glory be to His name.