Dearly Beloved,

Praise the Lord. Since the inception of the ministry in 2015 November 1st, Almighty God gave us burden to reach the perishing souls and needy people with gospel and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord taught us not only to preach but also to to show Christ love in inaction to suffering humanity. 

To reach the people, our loving Lord Jesus enabled us  to do His service through the following different facets of the ministry . 

 1.  Church ministry   

2.    TV ministry

 3.  Live streaming   

4.    Magazine Ministry

 5.  Women’s ministry 

6.    Village ministry

 7.  Public meetings 

8.    Youth retreats

 9.  Branches Ministry

10.  Family retreats

11. Visiting Jails

12.  All Night Prayers

13. Helping the needy   

14.  Mail ministry

15. Audio and video ministry  

16.  Visiting students hostels

17. Fasting Prayers

18.  Early Morning Prayers

19. Website ministry 

20.  Children’s  ministry

21. House visiting           

22.  Personal Counseling

23. Children’s  Retreats 

24.  Church plantation

If you are lead by the Lord Please support this ministry with your prayers and with your loving offerings.